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Attendance Hotline: (810) 487 - 9600
Attendance Hotline:  (810) 487 - 9600
All attendance notifications (Preschool 3 thru 8th grade) must now be reported through the St Robert attendance hotline. Attendance and timely arrival is an important part of each student's academic performance. While it is our hope that every child would be present and on time for each and every day of school, we know that this is not always possible. Health, injury, and appointments, to name a few, sometimes prohibit school attendance/being on time. If your child will be absent or late, please report that absence/tardy, before 9:00 am, by calling the new attendance hotline. PLEASE NOTE: All absences and tardies must be reported through the Attendance Hotline. Texts/emails/phone calls to teachers DO NOT count as attendance notification. You still need to report the absence through the Attendance Hotline.